'Using cellphones since all they did was make calls... barely'

Monday, February 21, 2005

My 7610

it was a result of alot of patience becasue i had to collect my own money and i had half of the help from somewhere else ;) my parents just wouldnt give me that much money so i had to collect for like 4 or 5 months before i actually bought it on 7 september 2004, it was a great moment for me.. all through the summer vacations i was gathering knowledge about symbian and smartphones so that when i actually buy my own one, i'd be able to use its whole potential! well it certainly was worth the wait becasue when i opened the box and held it in my hand for the very first time, i knew i had something special! been using it for a while now and still am not tired of it, every pic im posting here is taken with my handy phone and its always been there for me, for instant messaging, easy calling and everything! upload it almost everyday with cool new software thats coming out! and all the credit goes to the allaboutsymbian forum, taught me everything! anyway im really happy with the phone and will only change it once symbian 9 and series 60 feature pack 3 comes out.. also bluetooth 2.0 and wifi!


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