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Monday, February 21, 2005

my experience with a smartphone

so lets continue, this phone (the 7610) was my firstever smartphone and previously i really didnt know what it was all about until i found a few forums and really got to know what was possible with GPRS and other technologies.. its just too good but now i crave EDGE and 3G networks and there are none in my country so alas.. i can only dream of one day having a video conversation with friends! my birthday today anyway! :) the stuff that i have had since i bought my phone (the softwares that is) are agile messenger which is a great MSN and other Instant messaging services client, smartmovie which lets me play .avi files on my phone with great quality and resolution, loads of games.. i play them and when im done i get new ones.. dont keep one in particular.. at the moment i only have stunt car extreme which is probably THE Best game i have ever played on my phone yet.. i also have Fexplorer which is the MUST have utility for any symbian based device.. especially series 60! scrypto which is an encrypting tool and lets me hide my personal files and folder, smsxtender which is the best example of what you CAN do with your phone.. www.simeda.com/smsxtender.html check the link and i know you'l love it! Zipman as the name suggests is able to open compressed files and create archives, hotmail viewer which lets me check my mail anywhere i want with the least data possible so less costs even though GPRS in my country is only like $0.25 per MB which is pretty cheap but im still not happy as the speed and bandwith both suck :( so im desperately waiting for Telenor and Warid to show up so that we get atleast another operator that provides GPRS.. anyway we'll talk about that later. so what else do i have.. hmm.. fileman which is great for copy pasting LARGE size files.. photorite: a great photo editor and noise reducer on the phone!


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