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Monday, February 21, 2005

My fiRst post!

Hey well im totally new to blogging and as the title says, my first post ever on a blog! heard of blogging but didnt try it until now! seems cool.. well i dont want to bore people who are reading this so lets get on! im a 17 year old student from karachi, pakistan. actually the day im creating this is my own birthday! 21st feb! :) so im kinda enjoyin it.. i love gadgets and wireless devices and i believe that in todays world, its all about being mobile! so my past times r spending time on forums about mobile phones, especially www.allaboutsymbian.com which is my favourite of them all! it was my first forum ever and since has been the favourite one. im crazy about my symbian devices and love the potential that they possess.. own a Nokia 7610 which has my first smartphone and my first symbian device (obviously) thats it for now.. cya later!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! Good luck on your blog... so far it looks good!!

5:59 PM


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