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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

the heat is up!

With telenors advertising campaign launched, now i just cant wait for it to arrive! watching the ads on tv and the newspaper coincide feels good.. i know what to expect.. i just hope their GPRS rates are cheaper and they do introduce an unlimited data plan for massive users like me! Elsewhere it is being rumoured that Warid telecom has bought Paktel GSM and will use its franchises (well duh..) but surprisingly paktels prefix 0304.. now thats something shocking.. but since i already have a paktel sim.. hehe i guess that means i wont have to buy warid! already got it :) news about a new virus is spreading quick on top cellphone sites.. this new trojan infects smartphones via mms attachments, the user downloads the file and installs it which results in some of the menu apps not working.. just like skulls.. but this is spreading more becasue unlike via bluetooth.. the user does not suspect mms and accepts it.. i know nothing like that is going to happen for sure here in pakistan.. since the number of people who use mms is only a handful.. im really craving a laptop these days.. i feel like i really need wifi and a laptop with me wherever i go! just cant stand going to the desktop again and again!! oooh im hating it! a friend ordered an ipod mini photo 60Gb from amazon,.. liked the price and trust amazon as it delivers to my country.. u can order it for yourself from here.. the link is in the sidebar.. really wanted an mp3 player and now he can share pics in it as well.. virgin radio has linked to my blog because i reviewd their application.. they say they really liked it and i hope most of the readers did too! will keep updating with reviews and news!


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