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Friday, March 04, 2005

mix n match!

http://www.burj-al-arab.com/tennis/ lets start off with that link.. i know u will just love the pics! its simply astonishing!! the first race of the new F1 season will be this sunday on 5th march in melbourne.. cant wait to see schumi win again! :) (sorry all those anti-ferrai peope out there) i just love ferrari and michael schumacher! recently read an interesting article on AAS about symbian 9 and UIQ 3.0 and cant seem to make up my mind which 1 to go for! loads of articles on aas about them.. i think i've started to like the 7710..it just looks so good! havent seen it in reality as yet but.. i guess it would be nice to hold.. slim and all.. had my tests going this week so been busy with that.. i've uploaded a few pics taken with my 7610 to show just how good phone photography can get.. will put some up later on! ciao for now and be sure to check back soon!


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Blogger Blog World said...

You don't take a photograph, you make it.
Ansel Adams- Posters.

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