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Monday, March 07, 2005

schumi didnt even finish!

boy do i hate these new formula 1 rules and regulations.. no tire changes on the weekend and the q1 and q2 times added together.. its brought people like fisichella to WIN the grandprix.. and michael couldnt even finish due to a stupid crash with nick heidfeld tried the virgin radio app and i must say i Am VERY impressed by the quality i got using GPRS not even EDGE or 3G. the app is small and simple.. great thing! i wish some radio station in my country gets it developed Telenor is set to launch the coming week hopefully! heard its going to be VERY Cheap and will have EDGE but now i dont have the funds to buy an edge enabled phone.. but i do hope their GPRS charges are less so i can listen to virgin classic rock! hello from picasa wont work and i cant upload the great pictures i've taken with my 7610 recently.. btw amazon has started taking orders for the latest harry book, the link to which can be found on this pages right.. u can preorder it :)


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