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Friday, March 11, 2005

Telenor and Warid sign MoU

Telenor and warid telecom have signed a memorendum of understanding to lower their deployment and operational costs. Telenor has planned to invest $400 million this year and Warid $392 million but for me, the operator thats going to win is the one which provides more reliable data services such as EDGE and not just launches these services but works on its uses too and educates people about it! its not about coverage anymore.. mobilink has enough of that! we need cheaper and more usable GPRS and EDGE to really enjoy mobility! on 2nd April 2005 at sheraton towers karachi, there will be a telecommunication conference regarding the current scenario and both the companies CEO's will be there to discuss their operations and services.. hopefull telenor would have launched by then! btw, their advertising campaign has really disappointed me! they missed out on the continous series of ads in the print media and they are totally mixed up about the destinations! lets hope they 'get well soon'


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