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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Paktel goes Crazy!

Paktel GSM is paying every one of their customer 25paisas per minute to RECEIVE calls! think about that! the more incoming calls you get the more credit you get!! a very smart and intutive move in my opinion. the competition is heating up bad but its always good for us! I hope this offer is ever-green though! more details about the offer here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

U r right but what about voice when u talking from paktel u will not receiving so clear voice like ufone & mobilink & telenor

2:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah right ... I have been using paktel since it came out .. service rocking .. incoming balance ever increasing. about the voice quality .. except telenor every Provider is on 800~900 frequency . .so zaheer .. get ur facts straight .. the voice quality is better than the two Providers U had mentioned .. byach!

1:44 PM

Blogger Omar Iqbal said...

Well, it's service is not good almost all the time for calling at those places where the signals are very weak. SMS works fine!!!

9:52 PM

Blogger zainman said...

i agree with zaheer that paktels voice quality SUCKS. when telenor and WARID were allowed 1800mhz frequency, mobilink and ufone were also offered some of the 1800mhz frequency band in return of some of the 900frequency band. and btw, there is no frequency less the 900 here in Pakistan. 850mhz frequency band is in the USA. i have to agree with omar iqbal that SMS works fine but thats mostly it, the hightest call-drop rate and the worst voice quality. i am truly disappointed with paktel.

12:43 AM

Blogger Omar Iqbal said...

i think that that the only problem with their service is the lack of signals available at a place. At the city center, when it's signals are more prominent, it works excellent. Their may be a problem with me because of the fact that i live in johar town and there is no paktel tower near my house.

11:04 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Omar/Zaheer: whatever you said leads to the conclusion that Paktel coverage might be an issue, other than that if you get signals the service rocks. I tend to agree with that. But, when i compare paktel with industry competitirs for example Mobilink, though the name is prominent, but they have been penalised twice due to their bad quality. Lets talk about the european standard company i.e. Telenor, they have been struggling to keep their network up in major cities, let aside the rural areas. Paktel offers the largest cintiguous network and thier strategy has been to cover most of pakistan and then grow the network, not like Telenor or warid who have started in few cities and have many many towers, which seems to have ongoing problems. anyway, in my mind paktel rocks as they are more paki brand and not like warid who has been pitching middle east crap and telenor the european crap.

3:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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