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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Mobilink Indigo Customers FINALLY get GPRS, but is it too late?

Yes, its amazingly true! Its time mobilink grew up and thought about services rather than expansion to 300 cities or so! I never thought mobilink would do this, i though it would stay the unconvential network that it truly was before i read that it brought GPRS.. but then again, don' get excited becasue most of the readers should probably read the heading carefully, only INDIGO customers! We already know that mobilinks Postpaid service Indigo's network is pretty much better then the Jazz brand and offering GPRS on Indigo would be mangaeable whereas, Jazz having more then 2 million customers, mobilink would crash in the blink of an Eye.. So what about the charges? Well to me they are pretty fair, and i wouldn't mind paying them if i had a mobilink postpaid, but knowing mobilink i would have first tested the GPRS on someone elses device to be assured its good quality speed. Rs500 a month for unlimited GPRS and MMS! now that is pretty good, i mean if you really want to get the most out of it, hook your phone up to your laptop and use GPRS On that too, and you won't have to pay the bills for dialup or whatever! Stay connected to MSN all day long, and do anything you would normally do if you had an unlimited internet connection on your PC! GPRS is almost the same speed as Dialup and being a Ufone customer, i myself have found that sometimes it can be much faster. well congratulations Mobilink on their achivement and no i wouldn't call it very late, since they know Warid will be offering GPRS as well, maybe they were waiting for it. Its an overall achivement for the telecom sector, another one will be on the 23rd, so be sure to check back for the full coverage of the launching of Warid telecom! Mobilinks GPRS webpage.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mobilink is raking in money for such a poor service. I wonder how worse the GPRS service they're going to provide with their unstable networks? If I can't receive a call decently without any disconnection for 5 minutes or less, how can I be able to check email or surf the web without network congestion and other technical issues.

I think its about time we need to have a REAL regulatory authority with REAL consumer based issues to stick it up to these companies. If I have a returned text message or a dropped call, I can get it refunded. Tmobile does it, verizon, at&t.. to name a few.

While I was visiting pakistan and used a connection, there were absolutely no DECENT customer support. Over here, if we're paying we are like kings. No one cares what mobile set, what car I'm driving or what am I wearing. In Pakistan, a mobile phone alone is a status symbol. I felt pity for Mobilink customers using symbian based phones when the network doesn't even support 90% of the features. Why pay that much? My own brother in law puts it as its for "fun and style".

Using mobilink alone was quite a frustrating experience, with the customer service putting me on hold and when I asked if I could talk to the supervisor instead, my line was dropped. I wasn't planning on filing a complaint about the representative, as he was doing a very good job. Its the middle management who needs to get changed and align themselves with international standards of customer care.

But then again, who cares. We're just a consumer who paid ONLY rs300 to get a connection. We don't like it, we can leave it. That is their attitude. In foreign countries, companies pay huge amounts just so that their customer's are satisfied and remain with them. There's no such concept here.

By the way, Zain keep up the great work!! You've made me a regular visitor and soon a regular poster here.

10:20 PM

Blogger Omar Iqbal said...

I think they should have launched GPRS for both Indigo and JAZZ customers. But let's home it is announced soon for JAZZ customers as well!

11:37 PM

Blogger zainman said...

It will be announced for Jazz customers but i dont think that'll be unlimited, maybe Rs 10 per Mb and btw, i really liked their TV commercial, looks like the sleeping giant has finally woken up!

12:50 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read all your comments. Mobilink has launched GPRS just because it was necessary for the company's name. I am an Indigo user. The GPRS is working great! Frankly I have never had any complaints with Mobilink service, although I traveled to all parts, Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Isloo, Faisalabad and remote regions too!! Its fine everywhere. I use GPRS but no one actually needs GPRS. Its just a SHASHKAA!!

10:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, Mobilink has finally launched GPRS. I was waiting for it for the last one year, hence subscribed immediately on day one. And it works exactly the way you can expect from Mobilink. WORST CONNECTIVITY and POOREST SERVICE. On day one I logged into Yahoo read my emails and then, all of a sudden found that I am sitting in someone else's mail yahoo box with full access to his emails. You can see how much secure one can feel with this kind of security level.

Then from next day or so, Yahoo stopped working. And it still gives timeout error.

I tried my level best to connect my laptop with GPRS modem, but consistently got Error 734. Tried to get support. And of course the support was useless. And even after almost a week I am not able to connect my laptop.

I have almost decided to switch to a better operator.


2:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interestingly, I find mobilink GPRS working absolutely fine! Yahoo! works great. And I even connect it to my Laptop via IR. I have friends who had problems connecing to Laptop, but thats because they didn't know which number to dial. Yes the Mobilink support isn't that much help. Anyways..... I love this GPRS service.

11:49 AM

Blogger Unknown said...

I had a generic Mobilink experience when I tried activate GPRS. I called them up, asked them to activate it, and they said they'd have someone call me with the settings within four hours. Fine by me -- I wasn't planning on using it until late at night anyway.

Almost four hours later, I called back, and told them I hadn't received any settings, and they said they'd have someone get in touch with me in 15 minutes. That didn't happen -- but I did get two SMSs with settings for GPRS and WAP.
Later that night, something like three hours after I got the settings, I finally got a call from someone who wanted to walk me through the settings. I said I already had them, and asked them what number I needed to dial from my computer to use GPRS. He had no idea, and asked me to call him back (?) in an hour. I got someone else when I called back, who also didn't know.

The next day, I called up customer support, and asked them for the number. The person on the other end searched around, put me on hold once or twice while she talked with other people and finally told me she'd have someone call me back because they didn't know. That never happened.

Later that day, a co-worker wanted to go get an Indigo connection (it turned out to be the cheapest option for him), and I went with him to Mobilink's head office in Lahore. While he was talking to the Sales guy, I asked someone behind the customer support counter, and he just gave me the number -- *99#.

1:20 PM

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Anonymous malik said...

Mobilink also a large cellular company in pakistan, but regretfully inform that Mobilink not providing services to its customers. I visited to awami markaz Mobilink customer center ( now situated near MCB bank at nursery) for change of ownership but after going a period of 30 days still not updated in system and ownership still no record. Its the example of mobilink sservices. Shame for such a large company which cant proide timely services to its customers.Mobilink should educate its staff for good services otherwise comapany will be failed in the whole country.

3:14 PM

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