'Using cellphones since all they did was make calls... barely'

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Rafe reviews '101 cool smartphones techniques'

pretty nice review and pretty nice book, u can purchase it from the link to the right through amazon.. read the review here

Monday, March 14, 2005

Telenor is here!!

Finally the great (not so great) moment has arrived and we have a new operator here in pakistan! Telenor of Norway! (its obvious) so.. what about it? well its certainly not cheap and althought it does have GPRS it still isnt sufficient, with only 1 postpaid package plan, not so cheap calling rates and the same GPRS rates as the existing operator Ufone.. its not that much of a buzz.. still many people plan to swtich to it.. especially those who have been destined by nature to use mobilink.. Pakistans most pathetic cellular company! easy charge is a good thing and will most probbaly result in massive selling of telenor connections but whatever it offers.. i guess its enough to pave its way through.. but i wont doubt ufone or mobilink giving it tough competition in the upcoming weeks and with warid yet to arrive.. i bet the rates will still go down! i just hope that Ufone starts offering GPRS at a lower rate and also EDGE which was supposed to be offered by telenor.. also unlimited data plans would mean heaven for heavy users like me! btw,.. i still will get telenor! why? because u never know which connection you might need! so keep all of them in a magic sim and switch to the one that does everything for u! ;)

Sunday, March 13, 2005

use broadband wifi at 35000 feet!

Connexion by Boeing offers wireless internet while you travel! just turn on your wifi enabled device and use their service on selected routes for accessing emails, company intranet or just browsing the internet! wow! awesome! in my case i would want it to be a Nokia 9500.. enter the plane and enter the flight mode and be connected wherever u go! now this is something i'd been looking to! internet in the air! just brilliant! the prices are a bit steep but i still think people will be willing to play. this should soon be common in all the airlines.. the airports already are emerging as hotspots.. heres the link to the website.. just awesome!