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Monday, March 14, 2005

Telenor is here!!

Finally the great (not so great) moment has arrived and we have a new operator here in pakistan! Telenor of Norway! (its obvious) so.. what about it? well its certainly not cheap and althought it does have GPRS it still isnt sufficient, with only 1 postpaid package plan, not so cheap calling rates and the same GPRS rates as the existing operator Ufone.. its not that much of a buzz.. still many people plan to swtich to it.. especially those who have been destined by nature to use mobilink.. Pakistans most pathetic cellular company! easy charge is a good thing and will most probbaly result in massive selling of telenor connections but whatever it offers.. i guess its enough to pave its way through.. but i wont doubt ufone or mobilink giving it tough competition in the upcoming weeks and with warid yet to arrive.. i bet the rates will still go down! i just hope that Ufone starts offering GPRS at a lower rate and also EDGE which was supposed to be offered by telenor.. also unlimited data plans would mean heaven for heavy users like me! btw,.. i still will get telenor! why? because u never know which connection you might need! so keep all of them in a magic sim and switch to the one that does everything for u! ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i went to get telenor lines and was disappointed by the incompetence i met with!!! yesterday the ppl at shahra e faisal branch told me i needed to get a utility bill.i had read on their site that one could get take credit card bills as well as utility bills for address verification so i took my brothers as the parent card is in his name. the supervisor himself had no idea what all documents were acceptable. he told me it was not acceptable. when i told him i had gotten this info from their site he said he will check with the someone and took 20 mins to get in touch with the helpline to confirm this. when this was out of the way he tells me the bills had to be in my name. i had to go there thrice and then they had sold the numbers i had booked. i left without buying their lines. also the prepaid lines i got arent even working. there is no signal. EVEN UFONE HAS BETTER SERVICE!!!!!!!! i am so off telenor and am just waiting for warid. i hope we get better serivce from them

9:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The North Nazimabad center is awesome with that kind of a service and c'mon those living in rented houses would only have a credit card bill with their own name on it. The GPRS is much quicker than Ufone but I have a feeling the billing system is a bit misaligned. Moreover, idle timeout is too low. But the worst thing is no e-mail to SMS although Ufone's thing never worked but they have some infoservices to cover up, Jazz does not offer anything useful in this regard. Again no online bill pay and worse no body replies when you mail a bunch of suggestions. Maybe need to knock in Norweign ;)

I agree to keep it like a magic sim and wait for the competition to heat up :) Its going to be fun now.

9:45 AM

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