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Sunday, March 20, 2005

yet another disappointing grand prix!

what a season its turning out to be for ferrari and michael schumacher! may gold help thee! and its all because of the new F1 rules! no tire changes and q1 and q2 timings determine the starting position at the grid! i bet FIA was pressurized by other teams to bring out such monstrosities to beat ferrari and create competition! with 2 races already gone away, i dont think michael will be the world champion this time..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well rules changed for everyone, but everyone faster than ferrari are using a new chassis and Michelin tires. Shumacher did not win all 7 championships as easy as 2004 and I still think he has the passion to win another couple. But what fun will it if he wins it after a tight season. Remember the days of Mika Hakinen or Ayrton Senna, but I wonder when he will get those 4 poles to get his name on one record where it still says "Senna", "Most F1 poles = 64".

10:41 PM

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