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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

new symbian devices

okay whoever doesnt know what symbian is.. please GET A LIFE! or goto www.allaboutsymbian.com for more details, infact everything u will EVER need to know about smartphones, first of all anyone who wants to buy a new phone or is looking for a replacement for their old ones, i would recommend u a smartphone with symbian OS. to see the complete list of symbian devices, www.symbian.com/phones/index.html recently at cannes in france a global mobile communication expo took place known as the 3GSM world congress and alot of new phones were shown that would be available to us, the consumer in some time.. namely they were the panasonic X800 which is a good upgrade to their predecessor the X700, the sendo X2 which is also a good music smartphone and the Nokia 6680 and 6681 and 6682, the later are which GSM and the 6680 is 3G (3rd generation smartphone) we currently in pakistan have 3 GSM operators with 2 newcomers yet to arrive (telenor and warid telecom) none of which will have a 3G network so the Nokia 6680's capabilities will be of no use sadly although if u want to use it for EDGE (enhanced data rates for global evolution) it will be good. Ufone is the 2.5G network in pakistan today and mobilink and paktel are 2G which means we are a GENERATION behind in terms of technology as only a single operator offers GPRS which has the maximum speed of 40.2kbps.. EDGE can go upto 104kbps and HSDPA(high speed data packet access) or 3G or 3.5G and WCDMA networks offer capacity upto 10 or 14MBPS which can enable live video streaming, movie streaming, talking and browsing all at the same time but for us pakistanis, i would not recommend buying a 3G phone until we get a 3G operator. i would recommend an EDGE enabled handset as it is heard that telenor and warid both will pack a punch to Ufones SLOW GPRS. that time will tell but i will be prepared.. details of the new phones are not mentioned here as it will be recreating the information that is already there on the internet, check the manufactures website for more details..

Monday, February 21, 2005

my experience with a smartphone

so lets continue, this phone (the 7610) was my firstever smartphone and previously i really didnt know what it was all about until i found a few forums and really got to know what was possible with GPRS and other technologies.. its just too good but now i crave EDGE and 3G networks and there are none in my country so alas.. i can only dream of one day having a video conversation with friends! my birthday today anyway! :) the stuff that i have had since i bought my phone (the softwares that is) are agile messenger which is a great MSN and other Instant messaging services client, smartmovie which lets me play .avi files on my phone with great quality and resolution, loads of games.. i play them and when im done i get new ones.. dont keep one in particular.. at the moment i only have stunt car extreme which is probably THE Best game i have ever played on my phone yet.. i also have Fexplorer which is the MUST have utility for any symbian based device.. especially series 60! scrypto which is an encrypting tool and lets me hide my personal files and folder, smsxtender which is the best example of what you CAN do with your phone.. www.simeda.com/smsxtender.html check the link and i know you'l love it! Zipman as the name suggests is able to open compressed files and create archives, hotmail viewer which lets me check my mail anywhere i want with the least data possible so less costs even though GPRS in my country is only like $0.25 per MB which is pretty cheap but im still not happy as the speed and bandwith both suck :( so im desperately waiting for Telenor and Warid to show up so that we get atleast another operator that provides GPRS.. anyway we'll talk about that later. so what else do i have.. hmm.. fileman which is great for copy pasting LARGE size files.. photorite: a great photo editor and noise reducer on the phone!

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My 7610

it was a result of alot of patience becasue i had to collect my own money and i had half of the help from somewhere else ;) my parents just wouldnt give me that much money so i had to collect for like 4 or 5 months before i actually bought it on 7 september 2004, it was a great moment for me.. all through the summer vacations i was gathering knowledge about symbian and smartphones so that when i actually buy my own one, i'd be able to use its whole potential! well it certainly was worth the wait becasue when i opened the box and held it in my hand for the very first time, i knew i had something special! been using it for a while now and still am not tired of it, every pic im posting here is taken with my handy phone and its always been there for me, for instant messaging, easy calling and everything! upload it almost everyday with cool new software thats coming out! and all the credit goes to the allaboutsymbian forum, taught me everything! anyway im really happy with the phone and will only change it once symbian 9 and series 60 feature pack 3 comes out.. also bluetooth 2.0 and wifi!

My fiRst post!

Hey well im totally new to blogging and as the title says, my first post ever on a blog! heard of blogging but didnt try it until now! seems cool.. well i dont want to bore people who are reading this so lets get on! im a 17 year old student from karachi, pakistan. actually the day im creating this is my own birthday! 21st feb! :) so im kinda enjoyin it.. i love gadgets and wireless devices and i believe that in todays world, its all about being mobile! so my past times r spending time on forums about mobile phones, especially www.allaboutsymbian.com which is my favourite of them all! it was my first forum ever and since has been the favourite one. im crazy about my symbian devices and love the potential that they possess.. own a Nokia 7610 which has my first smartphone and my first symbian device (obviously) thats it for now.. cya later!