'Using cellphones since all they did was make calls... barely'

Friday, March 04, 2005

mix n match!

http://www.burj-al-arab.com/tennis/ lets start off with that link.. i know u will just love the pics! its simply astonishing!! the first race of the new F1 season will be this sunday on 5th march in melbourne.. cant wait to see schumi win again! :) (sorry all those anti-ferrai peope out there) i just love ferrari and michael schumacher! recently read an interesting article on AAS about symbian 9 and UIQ 3.0 and cant seem to make up my mind which 1 to go for! loads of articles on aas about them.. i think i've started to like the 7710..it just looks so good! havent seen it in reality as yet but.. i guess it would be nice to hold.. slim and all.. had my tests going this week so been busy with that.. i've uploaded a few pics taken with my 7610 to show just how good phone photography can get.. will put some up later on! ciao for now and be sure to check back soon!

Sunday, February 27, 2005

not being given much respect..

i joined a local forum few days back and tried to share the knowledge i have about symbian but boy oh boy are people arrogant or what! i was being envied like anything and since i was only a toddler on the forum.. all the previous members joined up against me.. lol i dont believe it man.. it was pathetic.. i seriously was disappointed on how people would behave... and because it was a local one.. there was not a SINGLE female member! hehe.. not that it matters to me but shows that females are not welcome or are not interested in forums.. anyway in the rest of the world, Rafe the admin at AAS(for those of you who dont know, Allaboutsymbian) better get used to it becasue im gonna use it ALOT. hes been continuing his posts and previews about the latest symbian devices that have been launched at the 3GSM world congress and this week he took a look at the new motorola a1010, a very nice phone indeed IMO. one thing i disliked was that motorola have planned to launch it in 2006 and have featured it NOW.. like 10 months before so that will keep people waiting.. a 3G phone with a multimegapixel camera is sure to sell and with a nice stylus and wifi added, the second phone only to have wifi.. its going to be good.. its UIQ, i think u might have guessed by me mentioning the stylus.. anyway.. i like it and think it looks hot.. what else? hmMm.. desperately been wanting to blog lately but i think blogger was down as the page wouldnt load.. i hope i've gathered a few frequent readers.. i know i got my blog added to Ewan's feed which is an achievement for me! :) a friend has recently bought a pda2k.. says he loves it.. why wouldnt he? his sister gifted it to him in exchange for his 6600!!! i havent seen it yet but i know how cool a device it would be.. but personally i dont like pdas.. i think they r too bulky and symbian is far better then any pda.. those r jus my 50 cents.. anyway people.. will keep u upto date.. check back soon.. ciao for now