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Thursday, May 05, 2005

WARID telecom set to Arrive on the 12th of May

Souce of Information: An official Warid Beta-tester According to the person, Warid telecom will launch on the 8th of May as stated inside Bank Al Falah bank branches which is a sister Insititution of Warid telecom. He also states that Charges are something like Rs 3/min inclusive of all taxes to other networks and PTCL and WLL providers and FREE CALLING to Warid customers. SMS is also free and GPRS (for testing purposes) is free as well. No news yet about the Local call rate to Dubai. The prefix for the number is 0321. More updates as the story unfolds! be sure to check back soon! Here's a picture of a Flier they sent to a Friends Office through a Warid representative Telenor's desparate attempt to minimize the affect of Warids Launch, FREE SMS AND MMS! After years of looting by the existing operators, telenor has finally come up with something break through and something that the existing operators should have been the first to do! amazing offer but that must mean that Warid will be equally good or can it be better? We shall wait and see! and Will keep u upto date with More promotions! check back soon!

BAR Honda In Jeopardy

The FIA has asked BAR to be thrown out of the 2005 Formula 1 Championship after accusing the team of cheating at the recent San Marino Grand Prix. More about the story at the official F1 website, here

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Rafe and Ewan chat about N-series

The n-series is under spotlight in their mobile podcast, download it here and listen to the Experts opinion about the N-series!