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Friday, May 13, 2005

Agile Messenger 3.51

The most popular series 60 client has been updated from 3.30 to 3.51! here's a brief overview What's new in Agile Messenger 3.51: fixed log-on problem and blank user error. support 6630 , 6680 , 6681 . Hidden mode on icq msn . Backlight alert . History save/not save option allows past 100 messages to be saved for later use. Copy paste option to transfer info/links etc from agile to other apps... Brand new user interface ICQ, AOL and Yahoo now support alternative port numbers (25,80) Improved support for chinese characters in Nokia Series60 versions Push-to-Talk. You can now send voice messages from your phone Fixed AOL contactlist bug, that caused online contacts to show as offline Better ICQ support for Trillian Download it here

Warid has arrived!

Finally, as expected on the 12th of May Warid telecom had its Launching ceremony In islamabad but sadly SIMS are still not available for public. Unlike Telenor, Warid decided to give a Supplement in the Leading newspapers and not give full-page Ads. The advertisment supplement has highlighted some of the features that Warid will be offering. There is still no sign of tariff though. Warid will be offering a 64k SIM which is enough for storing 500 numbers and 50 SMS messages. Conference calling/call diverting/call waiting are standard features. Thankfully it has GPRS with MMS but lacks my expectations of giving EDGE or EGPRS (enhanced Data rates for global evoltion) Groups can be made as Warid Friends and this will offer prefrential rates. This feature in postpaid is known as 'Warid round table closed User group' Just like the Indian operator Airtel, Warid also lets the user set their tune for all callers trying to reach their subscriber. Make them listen to any song you want! And Finally 'Warid 2 Much' which is for postpaid subscribers will double the subscribers Minutes and Free SMS every six Months. SIM will be available to the public on the 22nd of May.