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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Mobilink Indigo Customers FINALLY get GPRS, but is it too late?

Yes, its amazingly true! Its time mobilink grew up and thought about services rather than expansion to 300 cities or so! I never thought mobilink would do this, i though it would stay the unconvential network that it truly was before i read that it brought GPRS.. but then again, don' get excited becasue most of the readers should probably read the heading carefully, only INDIGO customers! We already know that mobilinks Postpaid service Indigo's network is pretty much better then the Jazz brand and offering GPRS on Indigo would be mangaeable whereas, Jazz having more then 2 million customers, mobilink would crash in the blink of an Eye.. So what about the charges? Well to me they are pretty fair, and i wouldn't mind paying them if i had a mobilink postpaid, but knowing mobilink i would have first tested the GPRS on someone elses device to be assured its good quality speed. Rs500 a month for unlimited GPRS and MMS! now that is pretty good, i mean if you really want to get the most out of it, hook your phone up to your laptop and use GPRS On that too, and you won't have to pay the bills for dialup or whatever! Stay connected to MSN all day long, and do anything you would normally do if you had an unlimited internet connection on your PC! GPRS is almost the same speed as Dialup and being a Ufone customer, i myself have found that sometimes it can be much faster. well congratulations Mobilink on their achivement and no i wouldn't call it very late, since they know Warid will be offering GPRS as well, maybe they were waiting for it. Its an overall achivement for the telecom sector, another one will be on the 23rd, so be sure to check back for the full coverage of the launching of Warid telecom! Mobilinks GPRS webpage.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Simultaneous Bluetooth Connections

Hey All, A friend on another forum shared this with us & I think people on here will benefit from it to. Bluetooth Enhancer. Download it here Basically it allows more than one BT connection to the phone, so far I have managed to have my GPS unit and headset working at the same time and also receive a file while staying connected to my Bluetooth Jabra BT-200 I have written some instructions on how I paired both units as so far I am yet to find any other information on the app. What I have done is this :- 1. Do not have the phone BT settings set to authorised on the connections, leave it so you have to say yes or no. 2. Turn on your GPS unit for instance then open up the BT Extender from your menu and choose Discover Devices. It should come up with a list of BT devices, I only have one on at present to thats all that comes up, in this case TomTom Wireless GPS. 3. Now Click back which appears to exit BT Extender. Then start your GPS Navigation or BlueSky etc. and within that app connect to your GPS unit. 4. Open BT Extender once more & choose Options Start Slave, it will show waiting for connection. Now turn on your (in my case) BT Headset. The phone will ask if you want to accept the connection, choose yes. If all goes well your Headset will beep and you'll be running two bluetooth connections at the same time. It isn't a dead simple process as there is no staright option to connect to this unit and this unit, you have to do it in a certain sequence for it to work. But it can be done with time and patience, I am still getting in wrong now. I wrote some instructions and had to go back and re-write them again This little application shows to us that the ability is there, it just isn't implemented in the firmware. Come on Nokia, wake up!!!!