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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hotviewer and Email viewer by Reqwireless

want to check your email wirelessly when on the go using your mobile device? Then these applications are just for you! Reqwireless Hotviewer and Email viewer are the handiest bits of symbian software developed to date. They allow you to check your hotmail email/pop3/IMAP4 email without the hassle of using a browser and signing in again and again. You get to perform all the functions that one gets using a regular browser including viewing attachments and links that are sent in the email like a regular browser! the greatest thing about these Email clients is that they are Java midlets meaning they can be used on MOST of today’s cell phones! Being only 56kb in size, being developed on the java platform also means that there are fewer bugs and errors reported (I’ve been using these since quite some time now and am very pleased) Hotviewer is detailed yet easy to use and doesn’t eat your phones memory up unlike other browsers and email clients, just the thing for people who need to get in touch via email all the time! Simple and clear, the functions are easy to read and the app itself easy to operate. Receive, compose, edit account details, add contacts to your address book or if you need help, try the online user guide. This application can really get a newbie going. And its not just plain old text any more either, you get the choice to select if you want to view the content in HTML or old-fashioned plain text. That’s not all; the built-in browser also supports all major image formats for easy viewing of media related content and Email viewer also has a spam filter! Now how about that? A spam filter on a mobile device? No kidding! Don’t use hotmail? Not to worry as Email viewer supports all other email accounts and is just as easy to use with the least size and the same decent UI that Hotviewer boasts. These applications do have a steep price tag of $19.99 each but they sure pack a punch when it comes to reading and viewing email content. A must have for any professional or Novice who wants to keep on touch! And a piece of advice from the guru, don’t bother wasting your time looking for cracks as these applications require online registration by keys that are given to the purchaser by reqwireless themselves. I would recommend these over any other email client and use them myself with utter satisfaction!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice review .... ill definitely purchase that software for my nokia 6600

1:12 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

They're out of business. I've moved on to using movamail (http://www.movamail.com) for email now.

3:12 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, I wanted to access my email from my phone. I am on an unlimited plan for data $6 a month tmobile. I tried the http://movamail.com application on my Sony W800i and it worked really well it is very fast It allows me to access all my email respond and delete if I want. Its like having a a mini version of outlook on your phone. I would recoomend this over the phones clients as it is much fast. I downloaded it from wap.getjar.com. Getjar has a bunch for cool free software.

9:23 AM

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