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Sunday, March 27, 2005

papyrus-_ a brief intro!

its creators claim its a replacement for the old fashioned default calender application! do i think so? not really.. well to begin with, it is fast and really simple but what i don't like in this calender application for series 60 is the interface.. its just too plain and simple! its not attractive AT ALL! the blue background makes me feel.. well.. 'blue'! but that was just the bad bit.. me being a non-business user and not really using the calender application to the full would never know but what i do know is that this thing is a bit different. here are the pros.. its fast, user friendly, compatible with all series 60 devices and the keys are significantly poised for easy usage.. the month and week view are cool and don't make u feel dizzy and let you see all the days activites without much hassle.. not a very detailed intro? well its not a really big application either! simple and straight stuff for anyone who was tired of the same old crappy default application! here is the link to the offical page of the application cheers!


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