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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Warid telecom's Tariffs

hearing rumours about it? well to those who havent, 1- calling at Rs 2.5 per min 2- free sms 3- weekend free 4- GPRS/MMS available 5- Rs300 SIM with Rs.250 airtime and it is supposed to launch b/w 1-10 april.. hmm.. i think of all this as a gag but if its true then i'll be getting Warid.. lets wait and see and do post your comments on what you've been hearing and what you think of these mind-blowing tarrifs! look at THIS post!

Monday, March 21, 2005

the 'real' cellular tarrifs!

many thanks to the PTA for their effort in creating customer awareness by getting a truly surprising tariff chart in the leading newspapers today.. the chart clearly shows all the hidden costs and portrays that many of the telecom operators have been bullshitting and they advertising campaigns weren't really what they seemed to many of the consumers! it is now clearly shown that InstaXcite is the cheapest connection but with the biggest flaw a) nobody has insta and b) its based on TDMA (time divsion multiple access) so no data services and the handsets suck! Telenor the one of the new comers is amazingly even cheaper then paktel GSM which is good but then telenor doesn't have the coverage and paktel doesnt have GPRS.. but i bet Ufone surprised all of its unaware consumers including me by having so many hidden costs which makes it very expensive! within network calls seem to be OKAY but cross-network voice communication is going to rip you off!! really disappointed (although i have all the cellular company connections i still use ufone as my primary 1. Its surprising that PTA has revealed such information about Ufone which is a main subsidary of PTCL, anyway i can bet Ufone is now going to further reduce their tariff as to calm the customers down. Further more, its going to be privatised soon so hopefully the service (which isn't really what you call bad) will get better! Mobilink as usual isn't cheapest in ANY category but still is the market leader! There are 15 categories for calls and Insta leads by being the cheapest in 6 of them, Telenor is runner up with 4, Paktel with 3, Ufone with 2 and mobilink not being cheap at all! you can find the actual table and tarifs here I soon expect to see a postpaid comparison chart but from what i Know, postpaid Paktel GSM is the cheapest! Hopefully all will be clear soon and once again Thank you PTA!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

yet another disappointing grand prix!

what a season its turning out to be for ferrari and michael schumacher! may gold help thee! and its all because of the new F1 rules! no tire changes and q1 and q2 timings determine the starting position at the grid! i bet FIA was pressurized by other teams to bring out such monstrosities to beat ferrari and create competition! with 2 races already gone away, i dont think michael will be the world champion this time..