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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Phone Secure Review

In a country like Pakistan where cell phone theft rate is at its peak, I find this application MORE Then just a precaution for my phone being stolen. It’s called ‘Phone secure’ and it’s by Wild palm. Definitely one of the must have applications for your symbian phone! As the name suggests, This application can not only guarantee the phone not being used by the criminal, it can even make you hope of you getting it back! Phone secure is a small application size-wise (only 70kb) but feature-wise it is certainly one of the best examples of a smart phone powered by symbian. Phone secure basically lets you lock your phone remotely by sending a special text message to your phone, if the phone is turned and the lock enabled, it will by receiving that special text message automatically lock itself and become impenetrable for the thief! Impressive? Read on for more unbelievable features! 1) Lock Enabled: (ON/OFF) Choose if you want the lock activated or deactivated according to the situation, for example if you’re changing the SIM card yourself then u can deactivate the lock so that the phone doesn’t go haywire when you reboot it. I would personally want to keep it on all the time except for the SIM card change; otherwise you never know what’s coming! If you send the locking message to your phone and the lock is disabled, you will get a reply from your phone saying so! The best part is, you can lock your phone from anywhere in the world, you only need your number to receive the SMS! But sadly, that’s the bad part as well, a thief wouldn’t be dumb enough to use YOUR SIM in the first place, but if he wants to spend a little and make calls and you get to text your message, he’s busted! 2)Lock Message:The Lock message is the text the phone will display to the thief when he reboots the phone, the default message is ‘Phone is locked’ which is fine for me as the thief wouldn’t have the time to read a long one as the buzzer will be bugging him at the time, but if you don’t want that then just turn off the 3rd option 3)Audio Alarm:Turn the audio alarm on if you want the phone to be screaming when its not in the right hands or off if you plan a silent kill. It would have been good if you could choose your own audio clip but the default one is just as alarming as it should be! 4 & 5) SIM change alarm & Send SIM No. to:Well, what if we don’t get to text our own selves and the thief has changed the SIM card to his own one? No fear! Just activate this alarm and define a number to which you want sent, the number of the new SIM! Voila! Use this new number and send it a locking message, thus locking your phone again! Additional Description: You can lock AND unlock the phone remotely by just sending a special message to the number that’s being used by the phone! And if you already have the SIM change alarm turned on, the phone will lock itself as soon as it is turned on with a different SIM! No, the thief obviously cannot use any other application as the message will not disappear and will continue until the password is put in or the phone is unlocked remotely! And no folks that’s not it you can even send a message to your phone to send back your IMEI code so that you can report it to the network operator and get your phone blocked! Worried about network traffic? Don’t be as the special text messages sent and received by the phone containing commands for phone secure are given special preference! How about informing the Police about the number that is using the SIM? They can easily locate the person by inquiring the respected Network operator and they can tell them the Address of the person who that number belongs to! Still wondering that the phone might be penetrable? What if the crook removes the MMC? Well don’t install it on the MMC, keep it always with the phone by installing it onto the phone memory! What if the phone is flashed? I don’t think it can be without being turned on properly and none of the features work since the phone is locked! Unbelievable? Want to know what’s more unbelievable? The Price! Nothing beats Wild palms €9.99 deal! No other software can even get close to offering that kind of protection for you for that less! I would rate this application as a must-have for any symbian user! Think of it, no restrictions on where you can take your phone, whatever happens you will NOT be scared! After all you all know your phone is important to you since that’s why you’re here so don’t waste time wondering, buy it here direct From Wildpalm.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

wirelessly turn off a phone that looks for you!!!

This trick is awesome and can easily confuse anyone! what it does is that it turns off any phone that has bluetooth turned on and tries to search for you! (obviously you need to have bluetooth turned on as well) Here is what you have to do: 1) download this file 2) send it over to your phone 3) save it as a note 4) open this note and using the pencil key copy this text 5) go to Bluetooth and click on My bluetooth name 6) again using the pencil key, paste the copied text here and thats it! you're all done, now when any bluetooth phone searches for you or tries to connect to you, that phone will automatically restart! wicked right? try it for yourself and tell me what you think! :)

Ufone makes new postpaid packages and reduces current postpaid tariff!

After a bashing from the PTA consumer awareness notice sometime last week, (search around, i blogged that too) Ufone has decided to improve its image by reducing postpaid tariff and also offering more free minutes and free sms! check the new tariff out here. Unfortunately, the rates for MMS and GPRS still remain the same which disappoint me but tariff going done is always beneficial for the consumers and thats us so overall i call this a good move by Ufone to enhance its current customer relationship and maybe sell a few more connections before Warid launches.. but still i can see doubts in the minds of people who would want to wait for Warid, check its rates out and then buy a mobile connection! Hopefully warid will be launching in the first two weeks of April and will end the suspense and people will finally get to decide what they want! btw, i think ufone should also have reduced prepaid rates and i can still see a little potential for all cellular tarriffs to drop more, in both the prepaid and postpaid sector! but really disappointing to see ufone not offering 'free Mb's ' for GPRS or atleast reducing its rates for postpaid customers as the line-rent increases, that would have helped them gain customers as well! ohh well, i guess i know what they are doing!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

speed up your series 60 device!

here's how you do it.. First go to ur To-do List (default app of ur N6600) - Make a note and input as follows Subject: Speed Due Date: 01-29-2005(mm-dd-yy) Priority: set to High then press Done - Make a second Note and input as follows Subject: Qoukie Due Date: 01-29-2005(mm-dd-yy) Priority: set to Low then press Done - Do not exit yet, Press the Option of your Subject note w/c is Speed and Mark as done - then Press the Option of your Subject note w/c is Qoukie and Mark as done - Now, reboot ur mobile. Sounds like bullshit? did to me too but i still tried it and well.. my phone was pretty fast before so maybe thats why i can't notce any change but the person who discovered this says it was told to him from the Nokia service department in the philipines! try it for yourself and comment here if it works!

papyrus-_ a brief intro!

its creators claim its a replacement for the old fashioned default calender application! do i think so? not really.. well to begin with, it is fast and really simple but what i don't like in this calender application for series 60 is the interface.. its just too plain and simple! its not attractive AT ALL! the blue background makes me feel.. well.. 'blue'! but that was just the bad bit.. me being a non-business user and not really using the calender application to the full would never know but what i do know is that this thing is a bit different. here are the pros.. its fast, user friendly, compatible with all series 60 devices and the keys are significantly poised for easy usage.. the month and week view are cool and don't make u feel dizzy and let you see all the days activites without much hassle.. not a very detailed intro? well its not a really big application either! simple and straight stuff for anyone who was tired of the same old crappy default application! here is the link to the offical page of the application cheers!