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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Send Data to your mobile phone Without Bluetooth, Infra-red, Cable or GPRS!

This revolutionary software called SCREEN FTP allows smartphone users to send data to their mobile phones without the typical means, it uses your computers screen to code and decode data! It only works one way, i.e can only send data from the PC to the phone. But this is a great advancement in Smartphone technology and the use of third party applications! check the link and start transmitting freely! Link

PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) Consumer Awareness Bulletin On Tariff

Very nice work done by the PTA, this should be made whenever a change in Pricing is made, yet there are some controversies for example the bulletin says that Warid's incoming MMS is free yet Warid's brochure says that is not. Anyway, the work has to be appreciated anyhow, and for all those that wanted all the tariffs, here u go PTA Consumer Awareness Bullein on Tariff

Nokia Delivers more new Phones!

Most of them with Megapixel Cameras, 3G for video calling, and thankfully FM radio and Stereo music play back! :) Link

Monday, June 13, 2005


I was faced with an extremely absurd situation today. I called the Ufone customer service center to ask for MMS settings and the representative started telling me the settings. He told me something wrong and i corrected him to which he replied 'Sir have you previously worked at Ufone, or do you think you know more than me' I was flabbergasted and replied 'No i was only trying to correct you' he replied with 'sir i can block your number if you misbehave with me' i hung up on him telling him how rudely he was talking to me, the next thing i know, i can't make calls or receive them. and My SMS had stopped working too. I was astonished. How can Ufone give authority to their customer service representative to do something like that, my SIM had truly been blocked! I couldn't even contact the customer service center again! Angrily, i called Ufone up from my landline and told the new representative my story, he found it hard to believe but still promised to forward my complain to the concerned authorities. I request the PTA to look into the matter and see how cellular companies like Ufone can strip a customer of the services they provide without any prior notice and how representatives can misuse their authority.