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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Ufone makes new postpaid packages and reduces current postpaid tariff!

After a bashing from the PTA consumer awareness notice sometime last week, (search around, i blogged that too) Ufone has decided to improve its image by reducing postpaid tariff and also offering more free minutes and free sms! check the new tariff out here. Unfortunately, the rates for MMS and GPRS still remain the same which disappoint me but tariff going done is always beneficial for the consumers and thats us so overall i call this a good move by Ufone to enhance its current customer relationship and maybe sell a few more connections before Warid launches.. but still i can see doubts in the minds of people who would want to wait for Warid, check its rates out and then buy a mobile connection! Hopefully warid will be launching in the first two weeks of April and will end the suspense and people will finally get to decide what they want! btw, i think ufone should also have reduced prepaid rates and i can still see a little potential for all cellular tarriffs to drop more, in both the prepaid and postpaid sector! but really disappointing to see ufone not offering 'free Mb's ' for GPRS or atleast reducing its rates for postpaid customers as the line-rent increases, that would have helped them gain customers as well! ohh well, i guess i know what they are doing!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The tariff on their website is FAKE !! ... they charge double than the mentioned. I make all my calls on off-peak timings and they charged for peak timings, and the 'post-paid' is bogus they take "security deposit" at the time of activation of your post paid, and when u use the 90% of the 'security depost' they simply disable your account, until you make the payment, I dont know why it is called 'post paid' if they already charge you on the start of the month.

10:21 AM

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